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The BEST of Wikki Stix Fall Playful Learning & Crafts for Kids!

The BEST of Wikki Stix Fall Playful Learning  and Crafts for Kids!

Fall offers many opportunities for creating, playing, and learning with Wikki Stix. We’ve gathered the BEST of Wikki Stix fall resources into one easy reference just for YOU! We hope your children will enjoy many hours of playful learning and creating with Wikki Stix this fall!

Best of Wikki Stix Fall Literacy

The BEST of Wikki Stix Fall Literacy Activities for Kids!
5 Little Pumpkins – an original poem to use with Wikki Stix created stick puppet pumpkins
5 Little Acorns – an original poem to use with numbered acorns
5 Little Ghosts – an original “non-scary” poem for Halloween
5 Little Turkeys – an original poem to use with numbered Wikki Stix turkey stick puppets

Apple and Worm Positional Words – use a paper cut-out apple and green Wikki Stix for the “worms” – invite the children to place the Wikki Stix worms in various positions: over/above the apple, under, to the right of/left of, beside the apple, on the apple, in back of the apple, etc.

Harvest Riddles for Kids
Pumpkin Pre-Writing Paths with Wikki Stix for Young Kids
Apple Pre-Writing Path with Wikki Stix for Young Kids

The BEST of Wikki Stix Fall Math for Kids!

The BEST of Wikki Stix Fall Math for Kids!
Apple Patterning with Wikki Stix created Apples – create Wikki Stix apples for basic patterning with young kids.
Fall Wikki Stix created Leaf Patterns – simple or more complex patterning with Wikki Stix created leaves.
Corny Math and Estimation Free Resources and Booklet – estimation and math practice with corn and Wikki Stix.
Pumpkin Teen Number Free Counting Mats – free printable teen number mats for 1-to-1 Correspondence.
Candy Corn and Wikki Stix Counting Sticks – created candy corn counting sticks are a fun way to incorporate math and seasonal activities.
Acorn Free Printable Counting Mats – free printable mats with a fall acorn theme.
Pilgrim Counting Sticks – free printable hat toppers – print the pilgrim hats for counting practice with a seasonal flair.

Best of Fall Science Collage here

The BEST of Wikki Stix Fall Science for Kids!

Pumpkin and Spice Sensory Science Experiment – sensory science is powerful for kids – try the experiment to spice up playful learning this fall.
Apple Life Cycle – a Wikki Stix created paper plate learning craft for kids.
Wikki Stix Part of a Plant Free Lesson Plan – an entire lesson plan that is free to print and use.
Wikki Stix Pumpkin Life Cycle and Printable Booklet – free printable mini booklet to accompany a created paper plate craft for seasonal science.
Wikki Stix Sugar Sensory Apple Paintings –an apple sensory painting activity and experiment for kids.
Corn Life Cycle Craft for Kids – come learn about how a corn stalk grows with a Wikki Stix created life cycle craft.
Pumpkin Estimation and Free Lesson Plan – free pumpkin estimation book for use with Wikki stix

The BEST of Wikki Stix Fall Playful Learning  and Crafts for Kids!

Wikki Stix Apple Button Crafts – using Wikki Stix for button crafts is a mess-free way to create.
Wikki Stix Harvest Tractor Craft – a painted footprint and Wikki Stix make a great fall keepsake.
Wikki Stix Handprint Fall Tree Craft – save a child’s handprint and make a great seasonal craft.
Wikki Stix Paper Plate Scarecrow – come learn about emotions with a free scarecrow lesson plan and craft.
Wikki Stix Indian Corn Craft – beautiful harvest display craft for kids to create.
Wikki Stix Handprint Apple Tree Craft – Wikki Stix handprint crafts encourage fine motor skills in kids of all ages.
Wikki Stix Sunflower Craft – sunflower crafts are easy for kids to make and take (or keep)!
Wikki Stix Harvest Moon Silhouette Craft – welcome fall with a harvest moon craft just for kids.
Wikki Stix Football Lacing Craft – Wikki Stix makes lacing a breeze – print the football and try it out!
Wikki Stix Mosaic Leaves Craft – use Wikki Stix to create a sensory mosaic leaf craft this fall.
Wikki Stix Cow Craft – Farm Theme – a simple paper plate farm craft to make.
Wikki Stix Pilgrim Food Craft – the Pilgrim cheese stick crafts are great for Thanksgiving parties at home or in the classroom!
Wikki Stix Haunted House Craft – a “not-so-scary” Halloween craft for kids of all ages.

Don’t forget to ENTER the PIN IT to WIN IT CONTEST for a chance to WIN 50 Wikki Stix Trick-or-Treat Bags – a great non-candy alternative for Halloween!



More Wikkiland Excuses!

By Kem Clark, president of the Wikki Stix Co.

More reasons to sing, dance, laugh, cry, shout…or eat chocolate!

It’s not chocolate right now, but delicious pumpkin that has all of us in Wikkiland going crazy. We seem to be a group of pumpkin fans, and right now we’re into the Pumpkin Spice Oreos! Highly recommended! Great way to start off October and Autumn.

Here’s something to make you dance, laugh and sing…
October 6th is Mad Hatter Day! Grab a fun hat, add some bling to it…lots of bling…and head out the door! This lets us all participate…instead of letting the Red Hat Society have all the fun. Selfie!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

And maybe Think Pink as you are decorating your hat, since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Even the Empire State Building is lighted in pink…and P.F. Chang’s just painted the big horse in front of its flagship location… pink!

The Wikki Stix Fun Truck & Kem Clark

And while we are on the subject of colors, if you’ve seen the new paint job Southwest Airlines is rolling out…it is very similar to the color of the Wikki Stix Fun Truck. We are very flattered!

Oct. 9th is Leif Erikson Day…for sure that makes it Talk like a Viking Day! Let me get back to you on how that goes.

It’s My Party Day… is October 11th…. and it’s a Saturday…so go for it! Put that hat back on, add your Viking accent and go crazy. It’s also Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day…but since it’s on a Saturday this year, how about including Teddy in your party.

My favorite this week… Moldy Cheese Day… is October 9th. I am going to take this one to heart as there are things in my frig, in the cheese drawer, that don’t vaguely resemble cheese of any kind. They may not have been cheese to start with. In fact, I once found my grocery list, neatly folded near the Colby Longhorn. So I will spend sometime unwrapping the mysteries that live
inside tin foil in that drawer.

Happy Second Week of October!


Wikki Stix Jack-O-Lantern Crafts for Teaching Emotions to Kids!

Wikki Stix Jack-O-Lantern Crafts for Teaching Emotions to Kids!

Exploring feelings and emotions with children is powerful learning! Often children do not have the vocabulary to explain how they feel. By using Wikki Stix created props to help children learn, discuss, and explore different feelings and emotions we can help guide children to appropriate responses and behaviors.

Wikki Stix Emotions Jack-o-Lanterns Stick Puppets

Wikki Stix Emotions Jack-o-Lanterns Stick Puppets

Materials needed: Orange/Black/Green Wikki Stix and scissors

The Wikki Stix jack-o-lantern crafts are easy for kids to create! Invite the children to begin with one orange strand of Wikki Stix and wrap it around itself to form a spiral. Have the children keep wrapping Wikki Stix around the initial spiral until the desired jack-o-lantern size is created. The children can make different facial features/emotions for the pumpkins by cutting pieces of black Wikki Stix and adding them to the orange spiral. The Wikki Stix jack-o-lanterns can then be made into a stick puppet. Twist 3 green Wikki Stix together and fold the twisted strands in half. Place the created jack-o-lanterns on top of the green stick to use with the chant below.

This is Jack-o-happy, (children make a happy face/hold up the Wikki Stix Happy jack-o-lantern)
This is Jack-o-sad, (children make a sad face/hold up the Wikki Stix Sad jack-o-lantern))
This is Jack-o-scared, (children make a scared face/hold up the Wikki Stix scared jack-o-lantern)
This is Jack-o-mad! (children make a mad face/hold up the Wikki stix mad jack-o-lantern)
All the things you feel inside,
Are really all ok!
Just open up and tell someone,
Explore the words to say!

~The Preschool Toolbox

After chanting the rhyme above (This is Jack) with the children, explore the different emotions in the chant with the children. What things make the children happy? Sad? Scared? Mad? What adults that the children trust can the children talk to? Discuss appropriate and inappropriate behaviors, especially for dealing with anger. Role play different scenarios with your children (for example: How do we tell a friend that they hurt our feelings? What can a child do if they have tried to resolve a conflict and cannot find a solution?). Role playing and encouraging discussion with the Wikki Stix puppets is a great way to increase a child’s vocabulary, avoid negative behaviors, and increase conflict resolutions skills!

Other Emotions to Explore with the Wikki Stix Jack-O-Lantern Stick Puppets:

Invite the children to create various facial features on the Wikki Stix stick puppets. Some suggestions might include:
• Surprised
• Nervous
• Frustrated
• Embarrassed
• Lonely

Pumpkin Face Emotions, crafts for kids

For additional sensory play with emotions and feelings, use black Wikki Stix to decorate real pumpkins! The real pumpkin “feeling faces” will help increase vocabulary and enable daily discussions as the children play and create!

Save the Wikki Stix created stick puppets/real pumpkins for role-play and learning throughout October. Invite the children to choose a Wikki Stix “feeling face” that shows how he/she is feeling on any particular day. The created puppets will help adults garner information about our children in order to role-play responses for appropriate behavior and facilitate discussions about various emotions and feelings.


Excuses from Wikkiland!

By Kem Clark, president of the Wikki Stix Co.

Need an excuse to sing dance, laugh, cry, shout…or eat chocolate?
We’re here to help.

Wikki Stix Car and Driver

In October there are lots of great reasons to do all of those things.
For example, October 2nd is “Name Your Car Day”! You haven’t named
your car? Let’s get on with it. I happen to drive an SUV, mostly because
I am always hauling something back and forth to Wikkiland. And, since
it is big… and as a tribute to the kids on the block… my car is named
Big Wheel.

October 3rd is…World Smile Day. We should ALL participate in this one.
In fact, it is the first Friday of every month. So go for the bright red lipstick…
or the more subtle gloss… or whatever works best… and smile all day long!
Be generous with those smiles because…

Following all that smiling is International Frugal Fun Day, the first Saturday
of the month. Not sure I can help you here except to suggest, don’t buy the
fancy, expensive purse….have fun being more frugal…and grab a smile from
yesterday to make it work! Or just have a picnic in the backyard.

Okay… enough for the first week of October. But come back next Monday for
lots more. When you hang out in a place called Wikkiland, your mind works in
strange and curious ways, so there will be more each week. Keep the chocolate
close by, and get out your dancing shoes!


Wikki Stix Candy Corn Counting for Young Kids

Wikki Stix Candy Corn Counting for Young Kids

Candy Corn Counting is a fun seasonal counting activity that encourages important skills for younger kids. By using Wikki Stix for learning crafts, young kids will enhance fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and gain the extra tactile layer so important for retaining information as they play to learn!


Candy Corn Counting
To Create the Wikki Stix Candy Corn Toppers for the Counting Sticks:

Materials needed: Yellow/Orange/White Wikki Stix, scissors, and Candy Corn

Invite the children to create by placing scissors and Wikki Stix on a table or a large tray. The candy corn toppers are created by folding yellow and orange Wikki Stix “accordion style” back and forth. The children can make the candy corn toppers any size desired. The yellow Wikki Stix is used first (our kids used 3-4 yellow Wikki Stix to make the top portion of the candy corn). The orange Wikki Stix is then placed directly under the yellow strands to create the orange candy corn section (again, fold the orange Wikki Stix back and forth “accordion style”).

To create the tip of the candy corn: the children can create the letter V with a third of a Wikki Stix strand. The inside of the V can then be filled-in with additional white Wikki Stix.
Younger children may need assistance with learning how to accordion fold the Wikki Stix, but there is no wrong or right way to create. It’s fun to see all the different candy corn toppers the children make! Older children can also help create the candy corn toppers to assist younger ones.

To make the counting sticks: place each of the candy corn toppers on a separate yellow Wikki Stix.

Invite the children to create any number they have had introduced (or are learning) with Wikki Stix. Place the created numbers on each of the Wikki Stix candy corn toppers.

One-to-One Correspondence
One-to-One Correspondence is the knowledge that a certain number relates to a specific quantity of objects. The goal is to help young kids gain confidence not only with number recognition, but to help them move beyond just recognition and toward the question: How many items make up any specific number?

Invite the children to carefully count out real candy corn and place the corresponding number of candy corn on each of the numbered counting sticks. No glue will be necessary as the candy corn will adhere to the Wikki Stix. Note: when our own kids play with candy, it is helpful to decide on the number of candies the children are allowed to EAT (if any) when the math activity is OVER. It not only keeps the kids from eating WHILE they are playing, but will help them focus on the activity (rather than the candy).

Making the seasonal counting sticks is fun for kids and will encourage early math and fine motor skills while creating and playing.


Candy Corn Counting Booklet

Materials needed: One printable candy corn counting booklet for each child (Download the Candy Corn Counting PDF Here) and candy corn.

Print the booklet and laminate the pages for durability. Have the children randomly fill in the candy cups on the pages of the booklet with Wikki Stix (see photo below). The children should then count the number of candy corn that corresponds with each number on the candy cups in the booklet. The candy corn can be place directly on top of the Wikki Stix. Wikki Stix will adhere the candy corn to the counting cups without the need for glue or tape.

Candy Corn Counting Cups

Invite the children to save the booklet for future practice and play!

Using Wikki Stix to create, play, and learn will help encourage developing skills in young kids. Playing with candy corn and Wikki Stix is a FUN way to enhance playful learning with a seasonal counting activity.

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