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Designer Piggy Bank Reviews!

High quality ceramic Piggy Bank, with stopper for easy coin removal. You design it your way… maybe to match your room… or to reflect what you’re saving for… or polka dots and stripes! You design it any way YOU want !! Wikki Stix adhere to the Piggy Bank with just light fingertip pressure, so kids …

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Neighborhood Toy Store Day: November 9, 2013

Celebrate with a Wikki Stix neighborhood toy store retailer! Your unique, independent neighborhood toy stores are offering activities, new products, and refreshments… providing your children with wonderful childhood memories. Remember that model train in the window? Stop by and take a look. Neighborhood Toy Store Day is about celebrating the role an independent local toy …

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Summer Fun: 2013

“Are we there yet?” “There’s nothing to do!” We’ve all heard them all too often on vacation. Wikki Stix to the rescue! Introducing the Wikki Stix Travel Fun Kit… a super buy at just $4.95! The components include 24 Wikki Stix, and an 8-page booklet of travel- related activities….plus a lightweight playboard. This is small and …

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Wikki Stix in Tanzania (East Africa)

This is from the Jaffery Academy Special Education Needs department in Tanzania (East Africa). “The children use Wikki Stix with a lot of concentration and eye hand coordination (as you can see in the pictures attached) and the class becomes quiet suddenly… indeed it brought joy not only to the students of mixed abilities but …

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Come Play with Us! Fall QR Code Scavenger Hunt for Kids!

The  objective of this game is to familiarize young kids with using a mobile device  to scan QR Codes to arrive at an online destination. There is a QR scanner app by QR CODE CITY available for free  download here. For Android users, there is an app available by DROIDLA to download here. How to play: …

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