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Educational Toys, Learning Toys and Teaching Tools for kids. Free educational resources, lesson plans and kids crafts.

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Wikki Stix Money Activities for Kids!

Teaching kids about money is fun with Wikki Stix. The activities suggested below will help kids gain an understanding of coins and coin values through hands-on and playful learning. COIN COUNTING STICKS Materials needed: 4 Wikki Stix, pony beads (any color – 41 beads for each child) and a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter for …

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Wikki Stix and STEM in Early Childhood

For many years, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) has been promoted in the early childhood field. STEM is used as a foundation for building inquiry and problem solving into everyday learning and routines with young children. Using Wikki Stix with young learners is not only playful and fun, but the designs and constructions help …

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Wikki Stix and Nature Crafts for Kids!

There are few things that kids like more than being outdoors! The Wikki Stix activities below are designed to inspire playful learning and creating with items commonly found in nature! WIKKI STIX COLORED ROCK DOMINOES Materials Needed: Rocks from outdoors (longer ones work best for dominoes) and assorted colors of Wikki Stix. The Wikki Stix …

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Designer Piggy Bank Reviews!

High quality ceramic Piggy Bank, with stopper for easy coin removal. You design it your way… maybe to match your room… or to reflect what you’re saving for… or polka dots and stripes! You design it any way YOU want !! Wikki Stix adhere to the Piggy Bank with just light fingertip pressure, so kids …

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Wikki Stix Apples Activities for Playful Learning!

Learning with apple-themed activities is fun for young kids! Whether at home or in the classroom, the apples activities below will invite children to explore, create, play, and learn with Wikki Stix! WIKKI STIX APPLE FINE MOTOR TRACING ACTIVITY Materials needed: Red, Yellow, OR Green Wikki Stix, Craft Sticks, scissors, and one Apple Tree Printable …

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