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Wikki Stix 3-D Butterfly Life Cycle Craft for Kids

3-D Butterfly Life Cycle Craft for Kids

Spring is a great time to introduce the butterfly life cycle to kids! Wikki Stix is the perfect sensory material for creating a 3-D version of the life cycle. The extra sensory layer provided by Wikki Stix will help the children retain the information long after the craft has been made!

Materials needed: Assorted colors of Wikki Stix, one paper plate per craft, scissors, and the printable labels – download the Life Cycle of a Butterfly pdf file here.

Invite the children to use Wikki Stix to divide the paper plate into 4 sections (as in the photo above). Print the Life Cycle of a Butterfly labels (linked above) and have the children cut the 4 labels apart (Eggs, Caterpillar, Chrysalis, and Butterfly). Explain to the children that there are 4 separate stages to the butterfly’s life cycle.

  1. The Eggs – the female butterfly lays eggs and attaches them to leaves.
  2. The Caterpillar – the worm-like stage of the butterfly is the caterpillar. The caterpillar eats leaves and grows.
  3. The Chrysalis (pupa) – after the caterpillar has grown, it forms a chrysalis (or pupa) where changes take place within to transform the caterpillar into a…
  4. Butterfly – the butterfly then emerges from the pupa and the life cycle starts all over again.

After discussing the 4 Stages of a Butterfly, have the children make small Wikki Stix spirals (eggs) and place them in top (left corner) of the paper plate. The children can then place the EGGS label in that section as in the photo above.

In the right corner (top): Have the children use Wikki Stix to make a shape that resembles the caterpillar. Remember there is no wrong or right way to create with Wikki Stix. Older children will create differently than younger children. The goal is to invite younger children to develop and enhance fine motor skills through creating with Wikki Stix. As an added benefit, younger children will retain information for a longer period of time when given the opportunity to CREATE using sensory materials like Wikki Stix. The children can add legs or antennae with the Wikki Stix, if desired. Have the children place the CATERPILLAR label in that section.

In the lower right corner: The chrysalis stage can be made using white or yellow Wikki Stix. The children can make a simple oval shape or a more complex shape (as age appropriate). The CHRYSALIS label can then be place in that section.

The final stage of the life cycle, the BUTTERFLY, is placed in the lower left corner. The butterfly can be made from two strands of Wikki Stix formed into heart shapes (with the point of the hearts toward the center). The children might also wish to cut Wikki Stix to create the body and antennae. When finished creating the butterfly, the children can place the BUTTERFLY label in that section.

Learning about the butterfly life cycle is fun and exciting for kids! As the children play and explore in nature, they can begin to look for eggs on leaves, find caterpillars, and wonder at the beauty of butterfly!


Wikki Stix Minion Egg Crafts and Learning Games for Kids!

Minion Egg Crafts and Learning Games for Kids!

Do your kids love Minions?  Our kids have been in an extended “Minion-love” phase since the movie, Despicable Me 2, came out last summer.  We hope your own children will enjoy creating and playing with the Wikki Stix Minion Eggs!

Wikki Stix Minion Egg Crafts and Learning Games for Kids!

Creating the Minions

Materials needed:  Blue and Yellow Easter Eggs (separated into blue bottoms/yellow tops), scissors, and white/black Wikki Stix (or additional colors for features as the children desire).

For each Minion, have the children take apart the blue bottom and create the Minion features on the yellow egg top.  After the features are created, the eggs can be put back together.

Each of the Minions have eyes that are made from white Wikki Stix spirals (begin at one end and wrap the Wikki Stix around itself into a coiled, spiral shape).  Have the children cut one strand of white Wikki Stix into four sections.  Each section can then be spiraled to form an eye.  To make the glasses, invite the children to use black Wikki Stix to wrap the white spiral one time.  The excess black Wikki Stix can then be cut off.  The basic eye shape for the Minions Eggs can be used with various hairs, mouths, or other features the children would like to add.

Two-eyed Minions:  make two eyes (as given above) and place both shapes close together.  The temple pieces of the Minion glasses can be constructed with two black Wikki Stix, folded in half, and attached to each side of the eyes.

Various Minion Features:  Print several Minion pictures for the children to look at (or print the photo from the top of this page).  The children can copy the features shown in the photo to their Easter Eggs or create their own features as desired.

Minion Easter Egg Crafts!

Creating the {EVIL} Minions

The EVIL Minions are a fun variation to create.  The hair of the EVIL Minion is easily crafted with purple Super Wikki Stix.  Each longer Wikki Stix strand will make one EVIL Minion’s purple hair.    To form the hair, begin at one end and accordion fold the strand (making some folds a little longer than the others).  When finished, press all the folds together at the bottom and adhere to the top of a purple Easter egg.

To make the EVIL Minions teeth:  Use one regular strand of white Wikki Stix and accordion fold the teeth (see photo above).  Arrange the teeth on top of a black Wikki Stix frown.  The eyes for the EVIL Minions can be formed in the same manner as given above.

To make the MINION EGGS STAND UP on any surface:  Have the children create a black spiral from one strand of Wikki Stix and place it on the bottom of the Minion Eggs.  The Wikki Stix will adhere to a tabletop, a paper plate, or most any surface for displaying the Minion eggs.

Learning Games to play with the Minion Created Eggs:

1.  What’s Inside?  Place different small objects inside each of the Minion Eggs.  Show the children one at a time which Minion holds each object inside.  Close the eggs and line the Minions up on a table or the floor and see if the children can remember which Minion contains the different objects.  The children will like playing the game.  As they become more familiar with the game, the children will begin locating different objects and asking their peers to play!  It is a great game to play to encourage memory skills.

2.  Letter Matching – Label the top half of the Minion egg (backside of the egg) with one uppercase letter from the Alphabet; label the bottom of the egg with a lowercase letter. Hide the egg halves around the house or the classroom. The game is over when all matches have been found.  

Extension idea for older children:   Write a word on the top half and paste a picture of the word on the bottom half. Have the children try to match the word with the picture.  Alternate ideas:  This game can also be done with numbers, basic addition problems, or sight words.

The Wikki Stix Created Minion Eggs are a fun craft for kids (or adults) to make!  The kids will adore playing and learning with the Minion Eggs (they also make a great gift for Minion fans of all ages)!

Try the Wikki Stix Easter Egg Decorating Kit!


Wikki Stix Plane and Wikki Stix Olaf ( from Frozen)

Below you will find two projects submitted by Wikki Stix Fans! First, we have a Wikki Stix Plane.

Here are the products needed:
1. Wikki Stix in various colors
2. Stick (found outside)
3. Toy airplane parts (can be re-used from a plane that broke)

Jack decided to wrap Wikki Stix around a stick that he found outside. He then attached plane parts from an airplane that had broken. His plane has a Batman theme. He was very proud of his re-purposed airplane, as you can see!

Plane Wikki Stix Airplane Post

Next, we have Samantha. She wanted to create an image of Olaf from the movie Frozen.

Here is what you will need:
1. Wikki Stix in various colors
2. Your imagination
3. Any hard surface

Samantha used Wikki Stix to design a snowman – she also spelled out Olaf’s name with Wikki Stix. She loves her special Olaf creation!
Olaf Wikki Stix

Olaf Wikki Stix Crafts

Thanks for sharing your creations with us, kids!


Wikki Stix Earth Day Crafts for Learning and Play!

By using Wikki Stix for special Earth Week activities, children will be introduced to a crafting tool that can be reused long after Earth Day has passed! Wikki Stix can be repurposed for many different learning activities and crafts throughout the year!

Wikki Stix Layers of the Earth

Wikki Stix Layers of the Earth Craft

Materials needed: Red, Orange, Yellow, Black, Blue, and Green Wikki Stix and a sharp knife (adult only).

In order to help children understand that our Earth has layers, invite the children to help design a Wikki Stix Earth with layers.

roll a small red ball from the Wikki Stix and cover the red ball completely with the different colors of Wikki Stix (in the order given below) until the Earth is formed.

RED = Earth’s inner core; ORANGE = Earth’s outer core; YELLOW = Earth’s mantle; BLACK = Earth’s crust; BLUE = Earth’s water; and GREEN = Earth’s land.

Once the Earth is formed, carefully slice the ball (Adult only: you will need a very sharp knife) and pry apart the “Earth” to display all of the layers. The kids will be amazed at what’s inside! Most of the children will ask where the “LAVA” is! The Earth can be opened and shut for repetition of the lesson, if desired.

Learn about Earth Layers for Earth Day
Wikki Stix Earth Layers Craft and Labels
Download the Earth Layers PDF Here
Download the Labels PDF Here

Extension: to help document learning, invite the children to create the Earth’s layers with Wikki Stix.

Materials needed: One Earth Layers PDF, one Earth Layers Labels PDF, scissors, and Red, Orange, Yellow, Black, Blue, Green Wikki Stix

Directions: Print the Earth Layers file for each child (or small group). Invite the children to work individually, or together, to create the Earth’s layers with the different colors of Wikki Stix as shown in the photo above.

When the Earth’s layers are completed, the children can cut the labels from the file and use separate Wikki Stix to label the created layers. No glue or tape will be necessary as the labels will adhere directly to the Wikki Stix.

Learn about Earth Layers for Earth Day
Wikki Stix Earth Day No-Candy Treats for Kids!

Materials needed: Blue and Green Wikki Stix, cake pop sticks (or craft sticks/straws), and ribbon or yarn (for decoration).

Directions: beginning with the blue Wikki Stix, have the children create a large blue circle by wrapping Wikki Stix around itself into a large spiral to resemble the Earth. The Wikki Stix “Earth” can be as large or small as the children desire. The children can then use the green Wikki Stix to create land formations on the blue created Earth circles. There is no wrong or right way to create with Wikki Stix!

It is fun to see the different land formations that the children form from the Wikki Stix. The created “Earth” craft can then be pressed onto a cake pop stick and decorated with a ribbon for a fun Earth Day treat at home or in the classroom!

The Wikki Stix will be played with long after Earth Day has come and gone! It’s the perfect tool for creating and learning all year long!

For more Wikki Stix ideas for spring, visit: Parts of a Plant free lesson plan and the Frog Life Cycle lesson plan.


Humpty Dumpty Easter Craft with Wikki Stix!

Humpty Dumpty Easter Crafts with Wikki Stix

Items Used:

  • Scissors to cut Wikki Stix as needed
  • 3-1/2 inch styrofoam egg
  • 60 white Wikkies
  • 24 red Wikkies
  • 1 blue Wikki
  • 7 yellow Wikkies

Preparing to make Humpty DumptyTo make the body:

  • Wrap entire styrofoam egg with white Wikkies.

To make the outfit:

  • Make several solid, flat discs using one red Wikki each, and apply to egg to simulate polka dot pants.
  • Make a belt for Humpty Dumpty using 4 red Wikkies and cut to size.

Making Humpty Dumpy with Wikki StixTo make the legs:

  • Take two yellow Wikki Stix, fold in half and twist to make a leg… attach to one lower red circle.
  • Repeat for second leg.

To make the arms:

  • Take one yellow Wikki, fold in half and twist to make an arm… attach to one upper circle.
  • Repeat for second arm.

Making Humpty Dumpy with Wikki StixTo make the face:

  • Trim two little pieces of red and one little piece of yellow; form into the shape of a mouth, and attach to the face.
  • Trim two little pieces of red to make eyebrows and attach to the face.
  • Trim one little piece of red and roll to make a button nose and attach to face.
  • Trim two little pieces from one blue Wikki and shape into circles, and attach to the face to make the eyes.
  • Trim two little pieces of yellow and roll into tiny balls, and add to the center of the blue Wikki eyes.

To make the hat:

  • Shape two red Wikkies into a larger disc than we used for the pants, and apply to the top of head.
  • Repeat previous step with two white Wikkies and apply to the top of that red disc.
  • Repeat previous step again with two red Wikkies and apply to the top of the white disc.

Use one white Wikki and shape into a circle and apply to the top of the red disc.

To top it all off, use one more red Wikki, make a disc, and add to the top of the hat.


Download the PDF!

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